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m. EDT. At the first cup, in 2016, host England won men's and mixed doubles championship, and Australia took the women's title, in Manchester. Don't look for players to cower behind friends as opponents hurl red rubber balls at each other — a common occurrence in middle school gyms for years before the sport was eliminated from many curriculums due to complaints that the game promoted bullying and violence. Dodgeball has an official rulebook and serious athletes. In fact, there are many games that were popularized in parks, schoolyards and even novels that have evolved into pro sports leagues with tournaments for the devoted.

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on the estuaries caused relatively little disturbance to birds summarized as disturbance by moving boats. Studiesbehavior of dolphins did not differ significantly between published by the Institute of Fisheries Managementboat classes. propellers. increasedand there was no difference in the degree of disturbance predation in turbid areas. Speedboats and personal scare them from the immediate area. However. MAPUA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGYConclusions: A number of effects of boating activities on However. the presence of boats does not necessarily causewildlife have so far been identified. natural environment and wildlife of a particular area. disturbances at a national level than powered craft for thefollowing reasons: The study shows that water sports do not disturb much the Sailing is more widespread. means of minimizing disturbance to wildlife from all types ofwith speed boats and personal watercraft being associated craft for the future.